My name is Irwin Sterbakov and I'm a Newton, Mass based corporate/industrial/commercial/editorial photographer whose skills, vast experience, visual acuity, talent, & high creative quotient, could be an asset to you, your clients, and your entity as a whole.

I always had a love of still photography and videography/filmmaking from my first instamatic as a teen snapping fun senario setups with friends. Or using a Nizo super 8 camera which opened my eyes to motion and experimenting with it capturing train movements to funny shots of a VW door & hood opening & closing quickly, one frame at a time. And filming friends playing something like "Nanook Of The North."

My years of involvement as an ophthalmic retinal photographer piqued my fascination in eyes, color, shape, size, function and more.

My paternal grandfather was a portrait photogra,pher in the Ukraine many years ago- Perhaps, somehow, he guided me towards this creative, but challenging field.

I really enjoy photographing people, portraits, products, in various arenas as corporate-commercial-editorial for media placement in our visually oriented world........

Irwin Sterbakov Photography is in business to serve your photographic goals and needs. I will always work with 100% effort and mindfulness towards your satisfaction and all others involved. First hand knowledge and experiences in the corporate high-tech world. Location Specialist. Responsive. Six years as a staff photographer at Honeywell Corp. Years of extremely varied & challenging assignment work. My commitment to serving you and your corporation-firm-entity no matter how large or small.

My work ranges from *portrait, product, commercial, illustration, editorial, architectural, PR, event, or virtually any corporate/industrial/commercial/editorial imaging created in various challenging environments.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me if any questions arise about your needs for any photographic services. I would be glad to meet with you at your convenience in the next few weeks for a portfolio viewing or I can simply just drop off my portfolio. *I'm also offering a totally free portrait shoot (up to five people) along with the first assignment I may handle for you.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching films, playing bass, exercise, nature, reading, socializing.

In closing, I positively enjoy creating images in the high-tech/corp. realm and incorporating all my creative efforts to further advance your business. I absolutely care about your success overall. Thank you very much for your valuable time.


Irwin Sterbakov